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Site rules

How our site works

Content of our website is being constantly moderated. We check the ads after submission. If your advertisement breaks any of the further mentioned rules, we hold the rights to change or even to delete your advertisement in case of extreme violations without prior notice. This is for the sake of our users getting quality information.

Main rules for ad submission

It is forbidden to write advertisement text entirely with CAPITAL letters, to use spaces or other symbols to distinguish the advertisement amongst other ones on the list. Frequent usage of special symbols like “++”, or “!!!!”, or “**” is also forbidden.

All advertisements where capital letters make more than 40% of the heading and/or of the advertisement body are removed without prior notice, including extended and special Europe ones.

Stating url, phone number, e-mail, ICQ or Skype name in the advertisement body or the attached images is forbidden. These details can only be stated in specially denoted fields.

Images that are not connected with advertisement topic are considered to be not appropriate and will be removed.

Advertising employment overseas, work in video chats, services of sexual nature, cosmetics and medicines, easy earnings on-line, MLM and other advertisements of similar content are not allowed, except for the sections that are specially allocated for the upper mentioned content.

Item or service must be clearly and unambiguously indicated in the advertisement text. General ads like "We offer good earnings" are prohibited.

Price stated in the advertisement must conform to reality.

Submitting advertisements with more than one object for sale or purchase or with more than one service offered is forbidden. It is recommended to submit several separate ads instead.

Advertisements selling illicit or smuggled goods, and/or those that are dangerous to one’s health and/or those that do not comply with norms and regulations of Europe are prohibited.

Advertisements that do not fit into chosen section are removed, including extended and special Europe ones.

Stating contacts and other details of third party is forbidden, only details of the ad submitter are allowed.

For those using contact details of a third party or advertising non-existent objects or services access to the site can be denied.

Advertising classified ads websites or alike is forbidden, such ads will be removed, including extended and special Europe ones.

Advertisements indicating bank or other payment system’s (PayPal, for instance) details are forbidden. All ads containing such details (including demands or requests of payment) are considered to be fraudulent and will be removed.

Those advertisements asking for any donations are considered fraud, except for the ones that are approved by the Administration.

All of these rules apply to ordinary, extended, special Europe and any other advertisements.

Submission of the advertisement is only allowed after reading and accepting the rules of this website.


Only advertisements written in English and French language are allowed. Ads in other languages can be removed.

Administration and advertisement check

The Administration has the right to check any advertisement at any time during or after the submission.

The Administration has the right to remove the advertisement without prior notice or further explanation. Removing the ad will not result in any refund in case any payment was made for services of our website. Payments for removing and checking the ads are included in price for services of our website.

The Administration has the right to make any amendments to the already submitted advertisements to make the latter follow the rules of the website.

The author of the advertisement is responsible for the ad being in accordance with current laws and regulations of Europe. Advertisements breaking laws and regulations of Europe will be removed.

The Administration has the right to use the contact details stated in the advertisement to contact the author of the ad in order to inform about our service operation.

The Administration has the right to move the advertisement to a more appropriate category or section in case the website is being modernised or reorganised.

In case of repeated violations of the rules, the violator can be banned from submitting free ads, or can be banned from submitting any new ads, or can be banned from using the website at all.

In case of advertisement submission rules violation, the Administration has the right to change the advertisement, for example to change uppercase letters to lowercase letters, or to remove the advertisement completely.

Any user of the website has the right to inform the Administration about rules violations by any advertisement submitter.

The Administration has the right to take any legal actions to prevent fraud.

Limited liabilities

Our service is provided for demonstration purposes, so we do not guarantee a constant quality level.

The Administration has the right to cancel subscription to our service without warning if at least one of the here mentioned conditions is not met.

We temporarily offer our services without any fees unless indicated otherwise. The Administration has the right to change our pricing policy at any time.

The Administration is not responsible for the content of advertisements. The author of the advertisement bears full responsibility for the accuracy of the data in the ad and for the proposed goods and/or services being legal, in accordance with laws of Europe.

The user bears all the responsibility for own actions.

The user bears all the responsibility for violating third party rights, including copyrights.

Confidentiality and receiving advertising e-mails

Due to your information being transmitted to us over the Internet, we cannot bear full responsibility for its complete safety, but we do guarantee not to pass your personal information to a third party, except in cases of violation of the laws or regulations of Europe.

Information you have entered while submitting your advertisement will be displayed publicly on our website, therefore when submitting your advertisement, you fully understand and agree that information you have entered is publicly available.

By submitting an advertisement you agree that your personal data is stored in our website database.

By submitting a free advertisement you agree to receive advertising e-mails or messages from our website on the e-mail and / or mobile phone number specified in the ad no more than 1 time per month.

By submitting an advertisement you agree to receive notifications of the status of your ad, including but not limited to information about payments, dates of publication and the code to remove the ad.

Rules violations

Violating any of the website rules may result in the Administration exercising the right to take any actions to ensure our users' interests, including but not limited to removing the ad(s), changing the ad(s), banning the author from any further submissions, banning the user from adding free advertisements and banning the user from using the website.

Changing the rules

The Administration has the right to add new rules to the list as well as making amendments to any of the existing rules without any prior or further warning.

The amended rules shall take effect immediately after their publication on our website and apply to all existing information on our website.

The users of the website must check the website rules for any changes.

Ads not related to Europe

The Administration has the right to delete ANY ad that is not related to the Europe.

It is up to the administration to decide if ad is related to the Europe or not.